Every one of us should have some knowledge about safe sex as well as further information about problems caused by sexually transmitted diseases and STIs. 


It is observed that sexually transmitted diseases & sexually transmitted infections are diseases or infections which are spread or transmitted through different types of sexual contact which include vaginal intercourse, oral sex and sex. This type of diseases can also occur because of dirty IV needles which used by a person who suffering or infected with STD or STI. This type of disease can also pass to the children through childbirth or through breastfeeding.


In sexually transmitted disease the human immunodeficiency virus is most rigorous which attacks the body’s of immune system. Immune system is known for protecting the body against infection & disease. HIV contaminates the blood cells which are known as CD4 cells which are “helper” cells that start the body's response to infections. After getting HIV virus the CD4 cells get destroyed by the virus. 


Genital herpes is an ordinary and highly infectious disease that infects genital areas. This can be transmitted from one person to another person during sexual activity. Genital herpes causes swelling or groups of small ulcers around the genitals in both men and women. The researchers say that medications for genital herpes is not yet prescribed but the symptoms of STI can be minimize. 


Therefore to avoid such problem you need to apply 100% safe way while doing sexual activity.   

In addition to this you can use condoms, regular sexual health tests contraceptives pill will help you against pregnancy as well as protect you from STDs and STIs.