We all know that many times girls or women’s miss their periods because of sickness but we actually be don’t know the main reason of it why and how does it happens. 

In it is observed that for women’s missing a period will be omitting any heartbeat. The researchers have found that the reason for missing a period is not just maternity, but there are several reasons due to which women can miss her period.

 Following are some reasons due to which women miss her periods:

1. Changes inside Routine: 

Changes in daily routine may also be a reason for not having periods. It is commonly found in girls who are employed and have alternative shifts. Thus this changes in daily routine will affect their health. 

2. Diseases: 

A disease of any class whether long or short term may also ruin your current period of time cycle. Thus it is essential for you to have a check up with a health care provider.

3. Stress:

Stress is not good for health as it may lead to several health problems including to late periods. Therefore it is necessary for you to avoid stress. 

4. Effect of medicines: 

There are certain medicines which may cause late periods. In this case if you observe such experience you should go to your doctor.

5.  Weight problems: 

Weight problem may also cause this problem. So if you are overweight as well as underweight you must keep optimum your pounds. 

6. Period calculations: 

We all know that each women is unique so there will be the girl time period time period cycle. So be sure you had a contact with physician to understand more. 

7. Peri-menopause as well as the change of life: 

These periods result in a great strike of one’s ovulation as well as monthly period. Lifestyles can also stops or maybe worse the periods.

8. Being expecting a baby:

The last but big reason for not getting periods is being pregnant. So if you have doubt so have a proper maternity check.