Erectile dysfunction or impotence has many physical and psychological causes. Treatment for erectile dysfunction is determined only after examining the patient and finding the exact cause. Over the past few years, treating erectile dysfunction has become easier because of various treatment options available.

Physical issues that cause erectile dysfunction include diabetes, heart problems, surgical procedures, injuries, lifestyle, smoking, alcohol, drug abuse and side effects if certain medicines used to treat other health issues. While psychological issues that may lead to erectile dysfunction include performance anxiety, stress, depression and relationship problems.

To get rid of ED, the first step is to have control over stress, depression, fatigue, smoking alcohol, diet and obesity. In addition to these, most patients need treatments such as oral medication, therapies, sexual counseling, injection, vacuum pumps and even surgical treatments.


Injections are used to inject medicines directly into the penis. In this procedure, either a single drug is used or a combination of drugs is used. Single drug injections make use of alprostadil, while combination injections use the mixture of papaverine, phentolamine and/or alprostadil.

Alprostadil is a synthetic model of the chemical prostaglandin E which helps to calm down the muscle tissue in the penis and regulates the blood flow that is essential to achieve an erection. Papaverine and phentolamine are medicines that help to clam muscle tissue and allow the arteries to open up in order to facilitate proper blood flow.

Vacuum pumps

Vacuum pumps are FDA approved and have been used to treat erectile dysfunction since a long time. Although the chances of side-effects are low, you should be careful and ensure that use it the correct way.

Vascular surgical procedure

Vascular surgical procedure involves reviving the blood flow by correcting the blockage in the blood movement to the penis. Proper blood flow will help to increase the amount of time for which a man will be able to sustain his erection. Penile revascularization is a surgical procedure that involves bypassing blocked arteries that are responsible for limiting blood flow to the penis, thus causing erectile dysfunction.

Oral medications

Oral medications such as Generic Viagra are the most preferred method of treating erectile dysfunction. These medications help to improve the blood flow in the penis area, thereby proving with an erection. They are FDA approved, but should be consumed only after consulting the doctor. You can easily buy generic viagra 100mg form any online pharmacy.